Jorie Ftorek Memorial
Golf Tournament

The Ftorek Finale started in 1998 with a suggestion
from one of Jorie's students, Ann Arnold.
She told Jorie that there should be a golf tournament for
women only, where they could play and not feel intimidated.
So, Jorie created the Ftorek Finale.

Jorie ran the Ftorek Finale for over 20 years
and turned it into a successful fundraiser
for local breast cancer charities
including Lourdes Foundation Mission in Motion,
as well as breast cancer survivors.
The Ftorek Finale raised over $17,000 throughout the years.
The Ftorek Finale was Jorie's pride and joy.

Jorie stated many times that the Ftorek Finale
was her favorite day of the year
and we all shared that same sentiment.
Breast Cancer was a major turning point in Jorie's life
and she became dedicated to raising awareness and money
for local breast cancer charities and survivors.

This is why we wanted to create a day of remembrance for Jorie
and to continue fundraising for Lourdes Foundation Mission in Motion
and breast cancer survivors.

The Jorie Ftorek Memorial Golf Tournament
will be a 9 hole women's Captain and Crew event
to be held on September 11, 2019, at 11:00 am
at Endwell Greens Golf Club.
It is open to any female golfer -
either someone just starting their golf career or a seasoned veteran.

In keeping with the spirit of the Ftorek Finale,
we will put the teams together.
You may, however, choose to play with one other person
and we will place you in the same group.

Let's continue Jorie's legacy together.